Search engine optimisation services

Ignoring search engine optimisation is like opening the doors of your shop, but not bothering to put up a sign in the window. If the search engines don't know what your website is about, your potential customers are less likely to ever find you. For as little as £230 a month, we can help ensure your site is optimised and all search engines know what your company is all about.

Our small business SEO package delivers an indepth insight about your website and even your main competitors.

Name Description Price
Keyword research and analysis Detailed insight and anlysis around your prefered keywords, with monthly tracking against how your site is performing per keyword
Backlisting Monitoring Just as important as the content on your website, links back to your site can impact its performance
Competitor analysis and comparison Find the top competitors in your field, and compare your performance against theirs
Google search console setup optimisation Google provide an extremely powerful tool for free to all website owners, we can help you set it up and ensure you're reaping all of the benefits from it
SEO Audit Reporting Each month you'll receive an indepth SEO report, detailing any points which need to be address to improve your sites overall SEO score
Website Optimisation Checks at both code, and visual level to ensure your website is configured and optimised
Google Local configuration We can help you configure and optimised the Google Local system, to ensure your business is returned when potential customers do searches in your catchment area
Pay per click optimisation We can help you ensure your site is configured and optimised to help land and then convert your pay per click adverts
Social Media Integration Social media is a vast landscape with potential to attract new customers from all over the world, we can help ensure your site is tightly integrated into all social media networks
Social Media Optimisation Much like your website, your social media pages need optimising too, we can help ensure they're configured to help capture the attention of your potential customers
Site content and code assistance We don't just delivery a remediation list, as part of the SEO package we can help you remediate the items we identify
Monthly Reports We believe we can make a difference, and to prove we're living upto that belief we deliver a monthly detailed report which highlights the progress and future path of the SEO works
Unlimited Contact We love our customers, and we love to stay in touch. So as part of the SEO package we offer unlimited contact over whichever medium you prefer
£150 Setup Fee then
£230 per month