Personal Website and Email Hosting

Would you like your own little corner of the net? Somewhere to share your thoughts, feelings or even impart your knowledge? We can provide you with your own content management system - which makes it easy to blog, post pictures, recipes or... well ... anything really! From anywhere in the world! Straight from your mobile device, laptop or PC.

Name Description Price
Domain name Your own web address! Think - well actually.. Don't as that's already taken. Don't panic though, theres still billions of more names going spare
Storage 10Gbs worth! That's a whole load of space to use to share your thoughts and feelings with the world
Email 5 email addresses connected to your domain name. With access to an online mail portal, to send, receive and file your mail.
Database 1 MySql database
FTP 1 FTP account for uploading files
SSL Cert (HTTPS) An SSL certificate to ensure your site and your visitors are safe when entering daat.
£40 p/a
£30 p/a